Friday , July 21 2017

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Getjenge Community News


Getjenge Community News is a citizen media initiative run by Plumtree Development Trust. The initiative incorporates off-air radio and new media platforms that seek to empower underserved communities of Plumtree to tell their own stories, generate and access information which can help them develop as a community by actively participating …

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BLOG: “Don’t Tell Me About Office-Driven Projects”

Image: The bridge constructed by the Vaka Community (Elders describe how they began the project).

LAST week the Village Scribe had the privilege of visiting one of the rural communities of Mangwe, south of Plumtree. The visit was a response to a formal invite by one of the most respected elders of the Plumtree community tate Masisa. Besides being a civic leader of repute who …

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World Press Freedom Day: A view from a community media activist

Press Freedom

By Divine Dube AS a community media activist and practitioner, World Press Freedom Day to me means empowering marginalised communities to have their voices heard in the media so that they are able to articulate their aspirations and needs as a community. What I am thus clamouring for on this …

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