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Getjenge Community News

Getjenge Community News is a citizen media initiative run by Plumtree Development Trust. The initiative incorporates off-air radio and new media platforms that seek to empower underserved communities of Plumtree to tell their own stories, generate and access information which can help them develop as a community by actively participating in local development issues.

We believe that information is a prerequisite for a health community and as such we pursue journalism as a service rather than a product by empowering communities with the right information that helps them discover their needs, share their aspirations, victories and struggles.

In addition to providing an independent platform for information, we believe in creating a civic culture of communication by placing our communities at the centre of content generation. To this end, we have a network of more than 50 trained citizen journalists whose primary role is to gather and share locally-relevant and development-oriented information for and by their communities.

Our approach is thus anchored on the conviction that civic engagement can flourish in empowered communities whose voices can be heard. We are therefore a platform which promotes communities to thrive through stories by, and for people that we serve!

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