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Touching Radio Story Stimulates Policy Change

By Staff Reporter

A TOUCHING radio feature detailing how some poor and vulnerable villagers from Mangwe and Bulilima districts were being systematically excluded from the government’s food relief programme has prompted government officials to engage communities in order to find a way of addressing the matter.

The radio feature was produced through the support of Plumtree Development Trust (PDT) whose trained citizen journalists residing within the above communities assisted in documenting experiences of community members affected by the issue.

The radio programme was packaged in Compact Discs and distributed through Citizen Media Clubs (CMC) which were set up by PDT to drive local development through hyper-local media platforms.

It was also pod-casted through WhatsApp, a social networking platform which has become a key medium for information sharing and civic discourse for underserved communities of Plumtree – who reside outside the national information grid.

Seeing that the radio programme was generating intense civic discourse within communities and local government corridors, PDT collaborated with its local partner HEKS EPER to hold a policy dialogue meeting between community leaders, government officials and ordinary citizens in order to map a way forward on how to address the matter.

The outcomes of the meeting are contained in the report below.




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