Tuesday , January 24 2017
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Hailstorm Hits Marula, Dwellers Left Stranded


PLUMTREE – A heavy down pour left dwellers from Marula, a farming area in Mangwe, stranded Friday when their homes were swept away by a hailstorm which lasted approximately four hours. According to our community reporter, Mdunyiswa Zikhali who resides in the area, the disaster left some elderly members of …

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Inside Plumtree Town: Stray Cattle Haunt Residents


By Moses Chuma DESPITE repeated threats by Plumtree Town Council officials to impound all livestock seen roaming in the border town, the menace of stray cattle continues unabated, a situation which causes road accidents in worst circumstances. The problem is not new and all efforts to handle it – at …

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Plumtree women yearn for better service delivery


AMONGST under served communities of Plumtree, poor service delivery remains one of the most serious challenges which people face everyday—requiring some redress.  This week, our Getjenge Community News crew spoke to a group of women-who shared touching stories of some of the service delivery challenges which they regularly encounter in …

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